Disability Advice

We at where do you want to travel be leave every one no mater what your needs or disabilities are should be able to enjoy a stress free holiday . We suggest that anyone who might be planing a holiday in the near or distant future and who will be traveling in a wheelchair or in fact any one with a disability do the following.

We suggest you register to be come whats called a trusted traveler .We would also suggest any companion or partner traveling with you also register to be a trusted traveler as well. The program allows the transport security agency (TSA) to pre-certify travelers .This service will help you from having to go through in dept searches .It will also stop you from having to remove shoes jackets and prevent you having any liquid scans you wont have to remove any electronics from your bags.Information for this service can be found on www.tsa.gov/tsa-precheck .

One very good idea when traveling on a vacation with a wheelchair or bringing a hoist or in fact any disability equipment is to check in with your intended departure Airport.We suggest you find out from them as to what there requirements are from you for packing your equipment safely.

Hotel wise it would be fair to say most hotels world wide would not have a lot of disability rooms for hire and especially the ones suitable for wheelchair use.
Accessibility understanding is very different from one hotel to another and unfortunately depending on who you speak with or contact through email can be very varied.
Our advice is to ring your intended hotel you want to stay in or if cost of the phone call would be a problem then you should definitely email them explaining your needs and requirements and if they will be able to accommodate them in writing.

Things you need to find out from any place you intending staying is does it have disabled parking if you require same.
What is the access availability as in do they have a ramp at the main door for getting in and out of venue are the entrance doors automated and wheelchair friendly.
Lobby wise do they have wheelchair toilets again what type of doors are in place are the public areas wheelchair friendly as in lobby restaurant bar .
Bath room in your room recommended access would be that the door was able to open 80 cm external and 75 cm internal .
You need to check the hight of switches and plugs in your room and door handles for getting in and out of your room.
You need to ask if it has a level shower floor for easy roll in and that it has a fixed shower seat for safe transfer if required.
Wardrobe this might not be a problem for most people but try and ask for a wardrobe with low rails for easy use.
Medical wise find out if they are near any health facilities just in case or even a hospital .

Always get names of who told you what and when and depending on the nature of the conversation ask them to confirm your concerns by return email.
At least 2 weeks prior to your arrival at your chosen venue check again through email that they are still ok with looking after your requirements and that your room is still booked.
Shuttle bus ask have they a shuttle bus to meet you from the local Airport or train station should you not have your own transport.


A very good idea is to arrange for the hire of a disability hoist if you dont want the stress of bringing your own. More often than not hotels wont be able to provide one for you.
There are a few companies world wide who will hire you disability equipment and also deliver them to your hotel. Early booking in advance is a good idea if you need help or advice with your planning let us know .Please feel free to fill out our info page with what ever help you need and we will do our best to provide you with the right information for you.